FR 2083/A/B/C

Application for Membership in the Federal Reserve System

Description: This application is a required one-time submission for institutions, other than national banks, seeking membership in the Federal Reserve System. The information provided on this application allows the Federal Reserve to evaluate the statutory criteria for admitting a new or existing bank into membership. The application collects financial and managerial information and information on competition and the convenience and needs of the community and is submitted to the appropriate Federal Reserve Bank. The FR 2083 provides general information and instructions with respect to membership. A related Application for Federal Reserve Bank Stock is submitted by state-chartered banks and mutual savings banks through the FR 2083A and FR 2083B respectively. The FR 2083C includes certifications to be provided by the applicant's organizers or directors.

OMB: 7100-0046

Purpose: The application is required pursuant to section 9 of the Federal Reserve Act and Regulation H and is necessary for the Federal Reserve to fulfill its responsibilities in admitting a bank to membership. The Federal Reserve uses the information collected on this application in conjunction with System-generated data to determine if the applicant bank should be admitted to membership.

Background: State-chartered commercial banks and mutual savings banks may apply to become members of the Federal Reserve System if they meet certain requirements. The FR 2083 is filed by a new or existing bank when it wishes to become a member of the Federal Reserve System.

Respondent Panel: State-chartered commercial banks, national banks converting to a state charter, and mutual savings banks.

Frequency: Event generated.

Public Release: The information is not published but is not considered confidential.

Last Update: January 7, 2022