FR 2512

Auto Finance Company Report

Description: This report collects monthly data on loans related to purchases of new and used vehicles, as well as on the performance of vehicle loans, including delinquency rates, refinancing and repossessions. Data are collected from finance companies with significant participation in the vehicle loan market.

OMB: none

Purpose: Data from this report are used to analyze current conditions in the vehicle loan market and the implications of these conditions for households. Aggregate loan term data from the FR 2512 are published in the Federal Reserve's monthly statistical release G.19, Consumer Credit.

Background: The Federal Reserve has been the primary producer of aggregate statistics related to consumer credit since 1942. This role stems from the Federal Reserve's need to make well-informed monetary policy decisions, and its public policy responsibilities related to consumer credit. Since the 1940s, the Federal Reserve has maintained programs for the direct collection of consumer credit data from commercial banks and finance companies. In 2012, the Automobile Finance Terms report (FR 2005) and the Passenger Auto Contract Collection Trends report (FR 2012) were combined into one reporting form, the Automobile Finance Company Report (FR 2512) with no changes to the data items reported. The form was combined to streamline the data collection process and improve the data quality.

Respondent Panel: Respondents to the FR 2512 are finance companies with significant participation in the vehicle loan market.

Frequency: Monthly, activity during the month or at the end of the month.

Public Release: Aggregate loan term data are published in the monthly Consumer Credit (G.19) statistical release (, with permission from all of the respondents. Vehicle loan performance data are not released to the public.

Last Update: July 6, 2012