Community Reinvestment Act Proposed Rulemaking

The Community Reinvestment Act, or CRA, was signed into law in 1977 and is a seminal piece of legislation to address inequities in access to credit for low- and moderate-income individuals and communities. After receiving substantial feedback from stakeholders, the Board, the FDIC, and the OCC issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that would amend their regulations implementing the CRA. The agencies' objectives include updating the CRA regulations to strengthen the achievement of the core purpose of the statue, and to adapt to changes in the banking industry, including the expanded role of mobile and online banking.

Please see the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking webpage for more information regarding the ANPR issued by the Board in September 2020.

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR)

The Board, along with the FDIC and the OCC, issued an NPR on May 5, 2022. The deadline for submitting comments on the NPR was August 5, 2022.

Comments on the Proposal
View comments on the proposal here.

Press release
May 5, 2022
Agencies issue joint proposal to strengthen and modernize Community Reinvestment Act regulations

Board memo
May 5, 2022
Board Memo on Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – Community Reinvestment Act (Regulation BB) (PDF)

May 5, 2022
Statement by Governor Lael Brainard
Statement by Governor Michelle Bowman

Interagency Webinar
May 11, 2022
Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Reform Update: Overview of the Interagency CRA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

June 3, 2022
Modernizing the Community Reinvestment Act: Ensuring Banks Meet the Credit Needs of Their Communities

Evaluating a Bank's Retail Lending Test Performance (PDF)
This infographic illustrates the distribution metrics of the proposed Retail Lending Test, which would evaluate a bank's retail lending performance, as outlined in the CRA NPR. The proposed Retail Lending Test would use geographic distribution and borrower distribution metrics to separately evaluate and score each of a bank's major retail product lines, which may include open-end home mortgage, closed-end home mortgage, multifamily mortgage, small business, small farm, and automobile lending. Based on this performance, the proposal would assign a single performance score to a bank's entire retail lending performance in each assessment area.

CRA Analytics Data Tables
The CRA Analytics Data Tables contain data used to conduct analyses described in the NPR. These data tables combine CRA small business and small farm data, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data, and manually extracted data from CRA performance evaluations. Bank and community attributes (e.g., assets, deposits, branching, and information about communities, such as the percentage of low- and moderate-income households) and other third-party vendor data supplement information provided in the data tables.

Proposed Retail Lending Test Thresholds Search Tool
To aid stakeholders in understanding the proposed Retail Lending Test approach, this search tool provides illustrative examples of retail lending thresholds for home mortgage, small business, and small farm loan products using historical data from 2017-2019. Due to data limitations, the approach used to develop these illustrative examples is similar to, but not identical to, the methodology proposed in the NPR.

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Last Update: August 24, 2022