Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), which are required by section 208 of the E-Government Act of 2002, are an important tool that the Board uses to fulfill its legal and regulatory responsibilities for safeguarding personal information in identifiable form maintained in information technology systems and mitigate potential privacy risks.  PIAs require the agency to analyze how information in identifiable form is collected, stored, protected, shared and managed. The Board conducts a PIA when it develops or procures new information technology that involves the collection, maintenance, or dissemination of information in identifiable form or makes significant changes to existing technology that manages information in identifiable form.

Privacy Impact Assessments

One Agile Supervision Solution "OASiS" (PDF)

Chain Banking Application (PDF)

CHAT Suite of Analysis Tools (PDF)

Comment Review System (PDF)

Community Advisory Council Systems (PDF)

Conflicts of Interest Application (PDF)

Consumer Complaint and Inquiry Systems (PDF)

Coupa Business Spend Management for Federal (PDF)

Document Management System for Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation and Division of Consumer and Community Affairs (PDF)

Electronic Applications System (PDF)

Electronic Workpaper Program (EWP) Supervisory Systems (PDF)

Enterprise Governance and Logistics System (PDF)

Examination Tools Suite (PDF)

Fair Lending Tool (PDF)

Fed EZ File (PDF)

FedProtect ID Theft Protection Program (FedProtect Program) (PDF)

Federal Reserve Application Name Check System (PDF)

Federal Reserve Board Adjudication Case Management System (PDF)

Federal Reserve Regulatory Service Ordering System (PDF)

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data Repository System (PDF)

International Training Course On-Line Registration System (PDF)

Insurance Policy Advisory Committee Systems (PDF)

Mortgage Data Collection System (PDF)

Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Form 450 Confidential Financial Disclosure System (PDF)

Office of Inspector General Information Technology Infrastructure Systems (PDF)

Office of the Secretary Correspondence Control System (PDF)

Office of the Secretary Directors Program Database (PDF)

Office of the Secretary Electronic Comments Routing System (PDF)

Office of the Secretary Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Case Automation System (PDF)

Official Response Collaboration Application (PDF)

Ombuds Whistleblower Claims Tracker (PDF)

Ongoing Intermittent Survey of Households (PDF)

Oracle Financials (PDF)

Passport and Visa System (PDF)

Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Program (PDF)

Publications and Subscriptions Services System (PDF)

Research Recruiting Application (PDF)

Secure External Team Space (PDF)

Security Sharing Platform (PDF)

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery "HRSD" System (PDF)

Studies to Develop and Test Consumer Regulatory Disclosures (PDF)

Supervision Central (PDF)

Supervisory Enforcement Actions and Special Examinations Tracking System (PDF)

Taleo Recruiting System (PDF)

Taleo Transitions System (PDF)

Transaction and Investment Preclearance System (PDF)

Visitor Registration System (PDF)

Workday Government Cloud (PDF)

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