Consumer Financial Protection

Attachment Date Type
National Consumer Law Center (PDF) 12/18/2014 Meeting
Industry Meetings (PDF) 04/19/2013 -
Manufactured Housing Industry (PDF) 12/11/2012 Meeting
Global DMS (PDF) 11/20/2012 Meeting
FNC, Inc. (PDF) 11/14/2012 Meeting
Industry Meetings (PDF) 01/11/2012 -
Missouri Bankers Association Meeting (PDF) 09/22/2011 Meeting
Maryland Bankers Association (PDF) 09/15/2011 Meeting
Arkansas Bankers Association (PDF) 09/14/2011 Meeting
Visa Meeting (PDF) 07/14/2011 Meeting
Inter-American Dialogue Meeting (PDF) 07/14/2011 Meeting
Consumer Advisory Council Meeting (PDF) 03/08/2011 Meeting
Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America Meeting (PDF) 03/03/2011 Meeting
Western Union Communication (PDF) 02/24/2011 Communication
MoneyGram Meeting (PDF) 02/02/2011 Meeting
Western Union Meeting (PDF) 02/01/2011 Meeting
TCH Meeting (PDF) 01/31/2011 Meeting
Securian Financial Group Meeting (PDF) 01/28/2011 Meeting
Manufactured Housing Institute (PDF) 01/25/2011 Meeting
Mortgage Bankers Association (PDF) 01/25/2011 Meeting
Industry Lawyers Meeting (PDF) 01/23/2011 Meeting
Meeting with UBS (PDF) 01/21/2011 Meeting
J.P. Morgan Chase (PDF) 01/19/2011 Communication
National Consumer Law Center Communication (PDF) 01/14/2011 Communication
Real Estate Services Providers Council Meeting (PDF) 01/10/2011 Meeting
Industry Lawyers Meeting (PDF) 12/22/2010 Meeting
BoA and Wells Fargo Meeting (PDF) 12/20/2010 Meeting
American Bankers Association Meeting (PDF) 12/20/2010 Meeting
Community Banks Meeting (PDF) 12/16/2010 Meeting
Consumer Advocates Meeting (PDF) 12/16/2010 Meeting
J. P. Morgan Chase Meeting (PDF) 12/08/2010 Meeting
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Meeting (PDF) 12/08/2010 Meeting
Citigroup Meeting (PDF) 12/07/2010 Meeting
Hackett Communication (PDF) 11/16/2010 Communication
Docket R-1394 Meeting (PDF) 11/16/2010 Meeting
Consumer Advisory Council Meeting (PDF) 11/09/2010 Meeting
Bank of America Meeting (PDF) 11/09/2010 Meeting
Western Union Meeting (PDF) 11/03/2010 Meeting
Independent Bankers Association of Texas Meeting (PDF) 10/29/2010 Meeting
Docket No. 1394 Summary of Input (PDF) 10/28/2010 Communication
Appleseed Meeting (PDF) 10/27/2010 Meeting
NMTA Meeting (PDF) 10/21/2010 Meeting
National Consumer Law Center and National Council of La Raza Meeting (PDF) 10/20/2010 Meeting
World Council of Credit Unions and the Credit Union National Association Meeting (PDF) 10/15/2010 Meeting
Wells Fargo Bank Meeting (PDF) 10/14/2010 Meeting
Inter-American Meeting (PDF) 10/13/2010 Meeting
MoneyGram Meeting (PDF) 10/13/2010 Meeting
Viamericas Meeting (PDF) 10/12/2010 Meeting
Mortgage Bankers Association Meeting (PDF) 09/30/2010 Meeting
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